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    • Compact development minimizes the impacts of urban growth on native mammals 

      Villaseñor Pérez, Nélida; Tulloch, Ayesha I.T.; Driscoll, Don A.; Gibbons, Philip; Lindenmayer, David B. (Wiley, 2017-06)
      1. Unprecedented global human population growth and rapid urbanization of rural and natural lands highlight the urgent need to integrate biodiversity conservation into planning for urban growth. ...
    • Urbanization Impacts on Mammals across Urban-Forest Edges and a Predictive Model of Edge Effects 

      Villaseñor, Nélida R.; Driscoll, Don A.; Escobar Cuadros, Martín A. H.; Gibbons, Philip; Lindenmayer, David B. (2014)
      With accelerating rates of urbanization worldwide, a better understanding of ecological processes at the wildland-urban interface is critical to conserve biodiversity. We explored the effects ...