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dc.contributor.authorLoewe Muñoz, Verónica
dc.contributor.authorAlvarez Contreras, Andrea
dc.contributor.authorBalzarini, Mónica
dc.contributor.authorDelard R., Claudia
dc.contributor.authorNavarro Cerrillo, Rafael M.
dc.descriptionpáginas 281-287es_CL
dc.description.abstractStone pine (Pinus pinea L.) is a species of economic interest for its pine nuts. Despite this market, cones are harvested mostly from natural forests. Advances in semi-intensive or intensive management for cultivating it as a fruit tree have been scarce. Fruit development is characterized by a 3-year cycle since pollination to harvesting, making nutritional and hydric management highly challenging. Materials and methods -We studied the main and interaction effects of fertilization and irrigation on growth and fruiting by a factorial design laid out in an adult stone pine plantation located in central Chile. Results and discussion -Mineral fertilization had an effect one year later on height growth (+23.5% increase) and one-year-old conelet production (+82.3% increase). After two consecutive years of mineral fertilization, significant positive impacts on diameter growth, height growth and one-year-old conelet production were observed. Irrigation enhanced fruiting but did not impact growth significantly. The highest conelet number was observed in the fertilized and irrigated experimental plots. Conclusion -Both cultural practices, applied either individually or combined, are efficient techniques to enhance fruit production of the stone pine.es_CL
dc.publisherEDP Scienceses_CL
dc.titleMineral fertilization and irrigation effects on fruiting and growth in stone pine (Pinus pinea L.) cropes_CL
dc.typeArtículo de revista
infor.publicadoenFruits 72 (5), 2017es_CL
infor.sedeSede Metropolitanaes_CL
infor.especiePinus pineaes_CL
infor.lineasdeinvestigacionDiversificación de especies para el desarrollo forestales_CL

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